The Mystery is Solved!

Since buying the property I have been seeing large floaters in the water.  Some are over two feet long!  I had been told that they were snapping turtles, but I could never see them. Trying to get closer only caused the shadowy shapes to dive down deeper.


Do you see those scary dark spots in the water?  Do you think they are snapping turtles?

Sunday afternoon I tried a different tactic.  I walked very slowly, and cautiously to the pond.  I stopped and waited several times for the shadows to resurface and then put my tripod up in the shade.  Being in the shade masked me, but the awesome part was when the slanty light finally revealed the mystery.


I went hunting,

What did I see?


I saw a big Catfish


Looking at me!


So happy there are no snapping turtles to bite the feet of my geese!

46 thoughts on “The Mystery is Solved!

  1. Victoria says:

    I think those ‘catfish’ look worse than turtles.
    At first, I thought the long shapes in the first photo were eels, but as you say, the other two photos show the catfish quite clearly.
    Can you eat catfish?

    • Lynda says:

      Yes, you can Victoria. I haven’t eaten it for years, but I remember it being very good. It is also supposed to be high protein and also high in Omega 3!

      Most every recipe I have found for it is FRIED! Seems like that would mitigate to wholesome aspects of eating the fish. I will have to experiment when we get up there permanently. 😉

    • Lynda says:

      From the back porch they were not so easily defined. This Sunday, having snuck up on them, I could see they were long and not round. Thanks for the link, Deb!

  2. cecilia says:

    Ha ha!! fantastic and what an excellent shot, do they have whiskers? and they must be huge!! Thank goodness they are not snapping turtles, they sound scary.. c

    • Lynda says:

      Celi, if the water wasn’t acting as a lens and magnifying them, I estimate this one at 1.5 feet. And yes, they do have whiskers! I read they use them to aid them in foraging at the ponds bottom. There is an old saying about Snapping turtles that I learned years ago:

      When snapping turtles bite they won’t let go until it thunders!

    • Lynda says:

      Viv, the alligators don’t live this far north thank goodness! Yes, Catfish are ugly, aren’t they? However, in the water they are unbelievably graceful!

    • Lynda says:

      Justin, I have had steamed fish served in a broth at our favorite Thai restaurant in California. It had lots of ginger and a bit of lemongrass in it. Something like that?

      When we first got the place there was a big bag of catfish food up on the bank in an old chest. They LOVE it! Maybe they don’t taste muddy if they are fed the food? I hope! Guess I will need to buy more fish food! 😉

      • Almost Organic Justin says:

        Yes, the thing with fish tasting muddy is when they come from a pond where the water don’t flow much. On one episode of the River Cottage, Hugh attempted to wash out the muddy taste of a fish he caught from his landlord’s pond by putting the fish in a bath tub, with fresh water flowing in and out from the waterfall/river for a few days. Its more of a habitat thingy.

  3. quilt32 says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen catfish on a menu that wasn’t fried – not the healthiest, but I love Cracker Barrel’s fried catfish.
    Glad the mystery is solved.

    • Lynda says:

      Becca, I’ve never had the snapper soup, and it has been a long time since I had the catfish. So I don’t really remember the actual taste, only that I liked it at the time. 😀

    • Lynda says:

      They looked and were not afraid. Making friends with a fish takes time and stealth!
      Thank you for the original rhyme, Steve! I’m afraid I stole my rhyme from a children’s book by Sue Williams entitled, I Went Walking. It is a darling children’s book…

      BTW, of all of the recordings of this children’s book on Youtube, I thought this one was the least annoying! For the wee ones the music was kinda catchy too. 😉

        • Lynda says:

          I figured, and because I was once a teacher, I’ve shared with you.

          BTW, in one of Beatrice Potter’s lovely stories, The Tailor of Gloucester, there is actually a mouse tailor, and he uses a thimble and many other fine tools to help out the main character when he is too ill to finish a royal commission on time. 😉

          (I love children’s literature.)

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