In the News: and you won’t believe it

You have no idea how many times we are asked:

Why did you leave California?

This is why!

The people in this news report are my sister and her husband.


Nuff said?

My Friends, it’s crazy out there.

33 thoughts on “In the News: and you won’t believe it

    • Lynda says:

      Yes! I am amazed, and somewhat horrified, at my sister’s description of how she jumped the man with fists a flying to get him off of her husband! Such courage!

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    i spent last night in town and was about to check out of the hostal.. did a last ‘fast internet’ check and am so glad i did.. i’d have never been able to view the video from home and would be wondering what happened!

    wow… i am so sorry about this – his eye looks scary.. only time will tell how long it will be before the bruises disapper, but those emotional scars will be with them forever.


    • Lynda says:

      This happened on Monday, Lisa, and it looked bad then… the damage is now coming to the surface and it is even more horrific. And yes, sadly it will take much longer for the emotional damage to heal…

    • Lynda says:

      Yes, it was, Annie. This happened on Monday and I could still hear the pain and fear in her voice when she called me yesterday. It was/is very upsetting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, I know exactly about this type thing. It’s a daily occurrence in many places including where I live. Seniors and wheelchair handicapped are especially vulnerable.

    • Lynda says:

      Thankfully, it was only bumps and bruises. It could have been so much worse! They didn’t mention it, but when the guy got there he was already blood stained. He said he had beaten a man at the river before he got there. Why? Because he had stirred up the water and made it muddy while he was swimming. It is beyond comprehension, Jayme.

  3. Vicki says:

    Thank goodness your sister and her husband are ok, Lynda. But this sort of thing happens anywhere and it’s a timely reminder of the sort of world we live in today.

    One can never be over-cautious in how we approach or deal with strangers at our door, in our homes or in our everyday neighbourhood.

    So many people are mentally unstable and with the constant exposure to violence in the media (particularly movies), they seem to think violence is OK. But it’s also a stressful world we live in and this will eventually have a negative impact on people’s lives.

    • Lynda says:

      I am certain you are right, but it is so scary to contemplate. And you are right, Vicky, we have to be vigilant. They were trying to help this guy out, and this is how he repaid them. :\

  4. shoreacres says:

    I’m so glad they’re all right — at least, relatively speaking. Even when there’s no permanent physical damage, it takes time to recover from an attack like that. It helps that they caught the guy. At least it makes it a little easier to sleep at night.

    I’ve never been beaten, but I was mugged once (Houston), and I had one experience of finding a guy breaking into my house with a crowbar (Berkeley). I’m in a fairly safe city now, but I pay more attention to where I am and who’s around. I’d hate to have to do real damage to someone if they came after me. 😉

    • Lynda says:

      I was beaten once in Jr. High. Amazingly, or at least as I recall, you don’t feel much pain when it is happening. Too much adrenaline? It is after the fact that you really feel what has happened to you.

      I am in awe of my sister’s courage, Linda. She told me on the phone that when the guy was on top of Charles, that she jumped on the guy fists a flying to get him to stop!

  5. Littlesundog says:

    Lynda, I am sorry this happened to your sister and her husband. These types of happenings are occurring more regularly in our area. People are without jobs, they’re desperate. Times are tough and I believe we will continue to see more and more of this.

  6. LB says:

    Oh my gosh, Lynda! I am so sorry!! Hoping for healing and physical and emotional recovery soon.
    Your sister is incredibly brave! We just never know what we’ll do in a tough situation, do we? wow.

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Laurie. She is, isn’t she? They will be in court this morning for the preliminary to tell what happened. They guy was arrested for three felony charges and he is trying to blame it all on them. What a nut-job!

    • Lynda says:

      It is a pressure cooker, Angela. Too many people in too small a space. I am being told that is bad all over the country, but I feel the situation is compressed out there. California has this mystique, it is romanticized in everyone’s mind as this wonderful place of oranges, beaches, sunshine and fun. It once was but now it is wall to wall subdivisions and freeways. It suffers from TMP! (Too many people) Remember that film in your HS science class, the one with the Rats that were overcrowded? Same thing.

  7. pattisj says:

    So sorry to hear this happened to your family. Violence seems to be everywhere. I hope they have fully recovered

    • Lynda says:

      They will take a while to heal, Patti. The bruising is deep. They have been summoned to court today for this guy’s preliminary trial, and of course he is saying they started it…

  8. Jackie says:

    Oh my, I am just reading this today as I’ve been out of town. I hope and pray that your sister and her husband are healing. Please let them know your friends care and are praying for them. The court process will bring it all back again. Please keep us informed – I pray they get justice.

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