A Sabbath Moment

When the week is full of crazy you can hardly believe, take a moment and contemplate God’s creation. If He cares for these does he not care for you as well?

~ * ~

NOTE: The lavender colored blooms are Monarda fistulosa a native or wild Bergamot. It grows natively almost everywhere in the continental US and Canada.

Learn more about the plant, its uses and benefits in the garden HERE.

11 thoughts on “A Sabbath Moment

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Lisa.
      I had this ready for last Saturday, but because I am such an infrequent video uploader, I had to take a week to figure it out again. So, here I am! I also need a newer camera. My digital camera is 20 years old, and my phone isn’t cutting it anymore either. Remember when cameras used film and you could get them cleaned and they just kept rolling out the lovely photographs? Well, the digital ones just don’t last that long, and yet, they are indispensable for posting to the internet. 😉
      Sending love to you too,

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Thomas. Well enough for the moment; will know more after the 20th. And, how is your new homestead coming along? I am excited to watch things grow there under the care of you and your wife’s green thumbs. . . it’s so hard to leave a grand garden, don’t I know! ❤

  1. Littlesundog says:

    Isn’t it a thing of beauty to see butterflies and bees in your garden? Most people who spray chemical for those weed-free lawns, never see that kind of life because they’ve snuffed it out.

    I use my iPhone to photograph most of the time now. I still have my old DLSR and zoom, which is nice for hikes to the river or the pecan orchard area, but these days life is different and I haven’t the opportunity for much adventure. I think it’s best to focus on gratefulness for what we do have right here around the house. Even though we are not watering anything but our chickens, the deer, and what we require here at the house because our well is caving and we’re on a long waiting list for a new well to be drilled, I remind myself that God provides us what we need, and “there is enough”. I believe our gardens will be very important to us in the future. Being good stewards of the land and our animals will be important.

    • Lynda says:

      Good Morning, Lori!
      Things are changing fast around us here. Lots of new housing going on in every direction. Last year I counted about 10 of these beautiful butterflies all visiting at once! This year? One at a time. I am glad to continue to provide a small enclave of bird and insect habitat here on the Farmlet. It is only an acre in a sea of decreasing woods and farmland, but it is our acre and free of bug spray here. I never imagined when we moved here that in only 14 years our area would explode in growth and have people moving here for jobs from all over the country! I will take pictures soon to share and describe the changes that have taken place in only one year…

      You said: “God provides us what we need, and ‘there is enough’. I believe our gardens will be very important to us in the future. Being good stewards of the land and our animals will be important.”

      Truer words, Lori. and many have no idea of what is to come.

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