WordPress Woes: let’s put it another way

Yesterday’s reblog gave some constructive criticism of the WordPress failings of late.  If you understood the ire of the original blogger’s post, Grahminhats at Freed From Time, and want to continue working with the previous more robust formats then follow his link below.

“For Help with the changes please click here . “

For those who still don’t understand what we are upset about, well here is a paying blogger’s commentary in simple language which details the aspects of all the changes we are not happy with.  It bears reading.

Fish of Gold


My biggest complaint:   I have not been able to get the new Beep Beep Boop editor to work for me since it was first introduced.  I can’t scroll to see any Tags or Categories past the letter G.  The editing box can’t be resized, and they gave us back Zemanta in the old editor, but I can’t find it in the new one.  It is said they are going to scrap the old editor.  Seriously?

The whole set up is counter intuitive for the blogger who writes more than 100 words with pictures.  (That’s pictures plural)

I came to WordPress because it was so robust, it made blogging fun and easy to accomplish.  I am nearing the end of my free blogging limit and will have to start paying for this privilege in the not so distant future.  However, if it isn’t a helpful service then why would I pay?  Paying customer or Beta Test Rat customer WordPress used to listen when we complained about a really bad move.  Now they seem to have a deaf ear.

I may be beating a dead horse.

Off my soapbox.

When your life is out of balance…

It’s time to give your blog a facelift!

It is said that when everything is out of control, then you simply control what you can.

So in my mind the blogging facelift was an easy target.

Oh, but don’t start when the weatherman says a storm is coming and your power goes out in the middle of the night and in the morning you wake up late to find that the clocks are 3 hours off and

Your modem is toast!

I wasn’t done yet.

We went from last Friday to this Wednesday with no internet connection.     I know, I know,

Whaaaa… Boo-hoo…!

But seriously, aren’t most of you pretty much tuned in to being connected to the net, your friends, and all the other helpful resources provided at your fingertips?

Thankfully, the folks at AT&T replaced it at no charge to us.

Thank you AT&T!

I am now done with the makeover.

I like it.

Do you?


In my next post I will talk about the life out of balance part.

I’ve dropped hints here and there but hadn’t the energy to get into it.

 For those who worry about such things I will set your mind to rest and tell you that nothing dire has happened.  I promise.


Now it is late here and I am tired.

I’ll see you soon.

Perhaps Monday?



Here is something pretty to look at while you wait.



This phlox grows outside my window and smells divine. They are over five feet tall this year!  I liked how the light was playing on the petals.  If you click on them for a closer look you will have a better indication of their true color. 

Get ready for it!

Everybody needs a makeover now and again.  So I will be busy tomorrow working on a site overhaul.  While you are waiting for the great unveiling, or not, I thought to have some construction sounds and funny pictures for your enjoyment… 

As it turns out, the great and almighty Youtube was a fail in that department.

However,  I did find this gem!

This is a “Superb Lyrebird” imitating construction sound he picked up at the Adelade Zoo!

His voicing is uncanny, and I love how he laughs, as if under his breath!  😉

Be back soon!

Blogging: a farmlet advisory

To all my dear Friends,

Having been laid up with my knee, as you know, has caused me to get very behind in posts, responses to comments, and following your lovely blogging too!  As well, there have been at least 30 new followers who have signed up to enjoy my news, and I haven’t been by to thank them personally!

Thank you new followers of the Farmlet!

I have been writing, following and loving, all you do for so long and then suddenly found it impossible to stay at the computer as long as I did in the past.  Consequently, this forced time away has opened my day to new adventures and old beloved pastimes not involving the computer, hence…

I feel the need for a schedule.

Perhaps this might do?

  • A day for posting (one for Farmlet news and one for my Flash Fiction)
  • A day for responding to comments
  • And of course; a day for visiting with you!

Give me some time to work out the details, and I will let you know what I have come up with.

It will take some discipline to see this through, but I think we will all like it when I get on track!



I looked for a suitable icon for WIP and stumbled upon this on Youtube.

OK, it isn’t a suitable icon, but

I like it.


You of course are permitted to hate it if you want to.


From Industrial Light and Magic and entitled:  Work in Progress

However you feel about it we may all agree that this one is definitely off the wall!

See you soon!