Battle Ready (Completely rewritten!)

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

In my rush to publish this morning I think I wrote my first DUD.  So, I went back to the computer and completely re-wrote my entry.  I feel better about it now.  🙂


Battle Ready

The war between the tribes had been going on for centuries. Mirabella, now experienced enough to go to war, only needed her battle kit. She’d saved for some time to purchase the No.22 hanging there on the wall. It was more than she needed, yet contained all the essentials.

It was well known that this shopkeeper would sell to anyone. However, the garlic hung out front clearly indicated his preference. Holding her breath she ducked into the shop.

Paying him for her purchase, she grinned when she handed back the lantern and nasty dehydrated food.

She wouldn’t be needing them.


100 words exactly.


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Friday Fictioneers: dinner with the folks

It’s been too long since I wrote for Friday Fictioneers.  My brain cells feel rusty and my fingers out of shape.   However here is my entry for Friday the 16th, 2015.


Dinner With the Folks

dining-roomPHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields


They’d dated for a year and he knew she was the one. On Saturday he’d planned to have her over to meet his folks. He’d chosen a ring to give her when they were alone that night.

With red-rimmed eyes he stood at the window absently fingering the little box in his pocket. He considered just wrapping the table’s contents into the tablecloth to take out to the trash.

Her message that morning: “Darling, I’m bringing a surprise for your parents, see you soon!” (Shots in the background)

No time to duck the bullets; she silently slumped to the ground.


WORDS:  100

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Friday Fictioneers: the honeymoon phase



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A Failed PiePHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Madison Woods

The Honeymoon Phase


Molly wanted to impress her husband by baking him his favorite pie, so grabbing his mother’s cookbook she set to work. Pie in the oven a lovely smell filled the house as she busily tidied up.

Smoke!” she cried.

Lamenting her cremated attempt she opened the door tossing it outside for the dog and chickens. At the kitchen window she watched as the hens warily circled the mess and left. Then Charley sniffed it and completing the insult lifted his leg on it.

Alan would later be clueless about Molly’s tears when walking in he exclaimed,

“You made mom’s pie!”



Words: 100


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Friday Fictioneers: anniversary for one

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A little pink house liteCopyright-Dawn Q. Landau


Anniversary for One

Today would have been their 60th anniversary if Charles had lived.  To celebrate Jessica packed a special dinner and took the keys to her daughters car.  She knew Sharon had made plans, but she wanted to be alone with her memories.

She found the place easily enough, though she was shocked to see that the roof was long gone.  Here is where they’d made love for the first time, and then, Charles had proposed.

Climbing the stairs she laid out a blanket for her meal and adjusted her pillow.  Alone she ate, watching the sunset and waiting for high tide.


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WORDS:  100