Growing up

You may recall that earlier in the summer I had a little event on the Farmlet.  The hatching of the first chick (that’s her above in the headlines) was quite exciting for me, and over the next few days I watched as two more babies arrived into the world.

Well, as all babies must they continued to grow, and they are now about half the size of their parents!

They tend to hang around together and never really interact with the parent group.  I have no explanation for this.  I would have thought that as soon as Mama Roo and the Baby Roos were released into the yard that they would all have been one big happy family, wouldn’t you?

By the way, if you have an answer for this strange, standoffish behavior please enlighten me!  I’d love to know!

Now I originally got the Silkys to help me with hatching, and wouldn’t you know, I now have three laying hens that have been showing decidedly broody tendencies.  Ah well, better five broody hens than none!