In Memoriam

It is with sadness I tell you that Miss Kitty was killed last month.  The irony of the situation is that she and Neville had been living up on the Mountain Farmlet for the past year with no problem at all.

Each week we drove up to the Mountain Farmlet to work.  We also  replenished her and Neville’s food stores, and put fresh water into the large font.  And each week she was happy to see us and lavished us with attention.  She loved to follow us on the trail and keep us company.

Recently, Bob was up there working on greens maintenance and noticed her back behind the house with her catch of the day.  After the weekly feed and water fill-up he then left to go work around the outbuildings.  He said that when he returned to the truck he found her in the road.

She was six years young.


On our first meeting she was very shy,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClick the photo and find the kitty

but we would soon discover that she loved following us out on the trail,

Miss Kitty strikes a pose.

This winter we often found her sunning on the bridge near the pond.

BaskingDo you see her?

This temporary marker will be replaced with a permanent one in the fall. 


A native planting with lovely blooms I think.  


NOTE:  I know some of you will wonder why we didn’t just bring the kitties here to live.  The fact is, that Miss Kitty simply refused to be picked up.  For all her affection, and the petting that she loved,  if you picked her up she would try to eat you!  So we let them both stay.  

Neville is now here with us.  He has adjusted to life with Claus and Lil’ Bit very well… though Lil’ Bit is not so forgiving of his attitude when he first arrived…


because he wanted (still wants) to be KING OF EVERYTHING!  😉


Feline faux pas

Yesterday out in the park, as we like to call it, I had the company of my two kitties Claus and Little Bit.  I love kitty watching as much as I do chicken watching!  Here is what I observed…

It is never a good idea to lick a fire ant hill.   (Yes really!)


Suddenly, for reasons only known to them, Clause ran over to Little Bit and…





Was she was making fun of him for licking the ants?  Perhaps, but she got her revenge for the attack!

“Hey, She bit back!  Hard!”


But in no time all is forgiven and they are off exploring together.


All my kitties are from ‘rescued’ situations.  But it is Little Bit whose story I know.  She had literally been thrown into a dumpster as a kitten and my veterinarian’s staff heard her cries when they were at Mac Donalds for lunch.  They didn’t want to give her a name (attachment issues) so they just called her “Dumpster Kitty” on her paperwork.  Her near death and starving conditions as a kitten have given her the ability to eat just about anything. Why she’ll even push aside the chickens for chicken feed and scratch!

She has become the other girl in Bob’s life.

I’m OK with that.  😉


We have two kitties here on the Farmlet. Claus and Little Bit.  I love them both, but it is Claus who has become my kitty.

He is the only cat I’ve ever had that will instantly begin to purr when I say his name.   Although he can be aloof at times, he is after all a cat, the very next minute he will be in my lap demanding attention and he rarely takes “No” for an answer.  He follows me when I do chores, weeding, raking, gathering eggs, etc.  I must tell you of course, that the chickens take an exception to his visits in their run and can become downright peckish when he checks to see what I am getting out of the nest boxes!

Claus was adopted from the animal shelter and at the time we didn’t realize he had a dislocated knee.  It wasn’t till he got a few months older that we began to notice his limp.  We took him to the vet and were told that we would need to wait till he was older for surgery, but that as long as he wasn’t in noticeable pain and could get around OK, then we needn’t have him operated on.  (I had misgivings about that advice)  And so it is, that when he walks he looks gimpy, and yet he’s the best mouser I have ever seen.  I can get him to come running home by calling out “CLAUS KITTY… com’on CLAUS!”  Well, for a gimpy cat, he can race home amazingly fast for dinner and some kitty-lovin’s!

Of course when I want him he’s nowhere to be found!

However, the other night I got lucky.  I started calling for him and Little Bit found him for me!

Gee, thanks Little Bit!

“Too… CROWDED…  ergh!  Go AWAY…”

“and stay out!

Uh… Mom, maybe you should change her name to Little Brat!”

I love both of my kitties, but Claus is my special kitty boy.