We have two kitties here on the Farmlet. Claus and Little Bit.  I love them both, but it is Claus who has become my kitty.

He is the only cat I’ve ever had that will instantly begin to purr when I say his name.   Although he can be aloof at times, he is after all a cat, the very next minute he will be in my lap demanding attention and he rarely takes “No” for an answer.  He follows me when I do chores, weeding, raking, gathering eggs, etc.  I must tell you of course, that the chickens take an exception to his visits in their run and can become downright peckish when he checks to see what I am getting out of the nest boxes!

Claus was adopted from the animal shelter and at the time we didn’t realize he had a dislocated knee.  It wasn’t till he got a few months older that we began to notice his limp.  We took him to the vet and were told that we would need to wait till he was older for surgery, but that as long as he wasn’t in noticeable pain and could get around OK, then we needn’t have him operated on.  (I had misgivings about that advice)  And so it is, that when he walks he looks gimpy, and yet he’s the best mouser I have ever seen.  I can get him to come running home by calling out “CLAUS KITTY… com’on CLAUS!”  Well, for a gimpy cat, he can race home amazingly fast for dinner and some kitty-lovin’s!

Of course when I want him he’s nowhere to be found!

However, the other night I got lucky.  I started calling for him and Little Bit found him for me!

Gee, thanks Little Bit!

“Too… CROWDED…  ergh!  Go AWAY…”

“and stay out!

Uh… Mom, maybe you should change her name to Little Brat!”

I love both of my kitties, but Claus is my special kitty boy.

3 thoughts on “Claus

  1. Lindy says:

    What a fun read with delightful kitty pics. Under the piece of furniture reminds me of the Blue Point Siamese, Lady, who was with me from kitten through age 17. As a kitty she would crawl under a piece of similar furniture. But Lady continued to grow and one day she got her front half under, could not get her back half under, and could not back out. If you have ever heard a Siamese wail you know what that sounded like. Fortunately I was home when this happened so I was able to set here free. In the meantime many small items around the house had been missing. When I moved the piece of furniture to free her I discovered where all those items had gone. This kitty was, in reality, a pack rat and a little thief. LOL!!! 😀

    • pixilated2 says:

      LOL! I used to have a cat like that. Anything I touched he would sniff it out and run off with it. Pencils, pens, reading glasses (I didn’t own a pair without kitty teeth marks in them!) but the topper was when he got hold of my paper that was due the next day for class! Somehow I did not think that the professor was going to believe me if I said “My kitty ate my homework!” (Although, after re-typing the paper, I did share the evidence with her for a laugh.) 😉

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