Feline faux pas

Yesterday out in the park, as we like to call it, I had the company of my two kitties Claus and Little Bit.  I love kitty watching as much as I do chicken watching!  Here is what I observed…

It is never a good idea to lick a fire ant hill.   (Yes really!)


Suddenly, for reasons only known to them, Clause ran over to Little Bit and…





Was she was making fun of him for licking the ants?  Perhaps, but she got her revenge for the attack!

“Hey, She bit back!  Hard!”


But in no time all is forgiven and they are off exploring together.


All my kitties are from ‘rescued’ situations.  But it is Little Bit whose story I know.  She had literally been thrown into a dumpster as a kitten and my veterinarian’s staff heard her cries when they were at Mac Donalds for lunch.  They didn’t want to give her a name (attachment issues) so they just called her “Dumpster Kitty” on her paperwork.  Her near death and starving conditions as a kitten have given her the ability to eat just about anything. Why she’ll even push aside the chickens for chicken feed and scratch!

She has become the other girl in Bob’s life.

I’m OK with that.  😉

4 thoughts on “Feline faux pas

  1. missusk76 says:

    These are adorable. Coincidently, our first dog came from a dumpster. My husband heard her as he walked by the bin in an alleyway. She was the only one still alive in a bag-full of puppies and they were not newborn, they were more than a month old. We called her Kit, as she looked like a kit fox. She was an amazing friend. She lived to nearly 15 but never lost her fear of garbage bags. I miss her.

    • pixilated2 says:

      I can’t get over how cruel and thoughtless our fellow kind can be. It breaks my heart! I used to have students who came to me with stories about how their parents would dump puppies (over the fence or into the nearest lot) to fend for themselves. They would tell the children that the little puppy would be OK because it could take care of itself! HEARTLESS! You and your Kit were blessed to have found each other. I feel the same way about all of our little critters.

  2. Penny Keach says:

    Our little gray kitty, Maggie, looks so much like yours (Sorry, I can’t tell which one is the gray one. Claus or Little Bit) and was a rescue from a shelter in Los Angeles. She and her siblings were found in a gutter. She is about a year old now, and rules the inside of the house, while Deisel, our big fluffy orange cat, lives in and outside. They don’t get on very well; Maggie always wants to play, meaning she ambushes him, which he doesn’t appreciate, being about 8 years old.

    • pixilated2 says:

      Hey Penny! Claus is my gray kitty. Next time Maggie ambushes Diesel, and he complains, remind him that she is keeping him fit and young! LOL!

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