Friday Fictioneers: from boney fingers to chopsticks


It’s time again for Friday Fictioneers which is brought to you each week by Rochelle at Addicted to Purple.


A special thank you to Marie Gail Stratford for the sharing of her photograph.


From Boney Fingers to Chopsticks

Grandma had teased her from real young about her weight. Reachin’ down with her bony, sharp nailed fingers, she’d just grab onta the bulge hanging over her pants and twist. It always left a bruise.

As an adult weighing over 200 pounds she felt ashamed of her size 18 pants, and finally decided to do something about it.  Making friends with Shiomi at work, she asked her for lessons on the use of chopsticks. She told her,

“Tryin’ta eat with them might slow me down some and I’ll lose some weight!”

She was dismayed at how quickly she’d become proficient.


Words:  100


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Notes on today’s writing:

It is said that you should write from what you know.  Taking that to heart in today’s story there are some kernels of what I know in this piece.  The character’s voice is my attempt at recreating from memory the sound of my grandmother.  She was a coal miner’s daughter from Virginia.  Did it work?