No obvious signs of the Christmas spirit

It’s just the two of us here, Bob and me.  Christmas is neither bought nor made, decorations are nil due to mass reconstruction on my craft room, whose contents BTW, have currently taken over the living room.  No tree, no trimmings here…  Oh wait, does the wreath on the door count?

The project was supposed to be easy-peasy:  Paint, hang shelves, pull up the old carpet and lay out new vinyl floor.  (insert sound of car crash here)

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to repairs in this house.

It was supposed to be easy, oh wait, I think I am repeating myself.  But it was supposed to be easy…

You know, like roll back the carpet, vacuum the floor and roll out the new vinyl.


There was the carpet and pad, the old vinyl floor, the old 8 inch glued down tiles, and then it was the 4 by 8 ft piece of 3/4 inch rotten, smelly plywood that had to be lifted and replaced first.

My 13.5  X 9.25 future quilting/sewing space.  The pictures on the wall are photos of how I want my space to look…  I’ve a long way to go and they help keep me motivated.

It is all supposed to be done and moved back before Dec. 25th so I CAN decorate.   We’ll see!  In the meantime, I have my Christmas music to keep me motivated and in the spirit of the season.  I want this project DONE.  😉


Oh yeah, and  did I forget to mention the six holes I punched into the wall with a wonder-bar when I took out these?

A pair of sorta cute, but totally non practical corner shelves.


NOTE:   After  our best friends left to go back to California, I had given myself a week to enjoy our clean and tidy living space, then it was back to work!  I have made much progress since the picture above.  I hope to be posting completion pictures by this Friday, or Monday!  STAY TUNED!  😉

We had a bit of real snow for Christmas!

So here I offer a few words, several pictures and a disclaimer for those who wonder…  I am a transplanted California girl, hence my excitement over so little snow.

OH, and for those who are not my Facebook friends, I have reposted a little “One Act Kitty Drama”  at the end.  Enjoy!




Such beauty!  We were stunned to see this lovely Christmas Gift from Heaven and much-loved to receive it…

The animals on the other hand were not so enamored of this lovely, albeit cold, blanket that covered all their familiar turf…

Molly:  “Whooooo… it’s slippery and COLD!!!”


Polly:   “Not good for dibbling either!”

Topper:  “You call this an improvement?”


~And finally, here’s the little Drama I promised~

It is Christmas morning and it’s snowing…

Claus:    Meeeeout?
Bob:   Ok, but are you sure?
Claus: MeeeeOUT!

Bob lets him out.

One minute later…

Claus:   MEEEIN NOW… helloooo? Meeein… OK, I’m not foolin’ let meeeein it’s freezin’ my whiskers!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! May you find many Blessings as it unfolds!