And Sew it Begins: avoiding alzheimers

They say that if you want to avoid Alzheimers then you should teach yourself something new as you grow older.  And so I have chosen to teach myself to quilt.  When I started I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I wanted quilts for my home and couldn’t think of any affordable way to get them other than to make them myself…

And so it is that I have discovered a new passion in life!  Quilting!  In my research I found the Missouri Star Quilting Company who offers lessons online.  I have also discovered Sir’s Fabrics in Fayetteville, TN, where I can go and get plenty of fabric for practicing my new-found craft… This allows me to learn, and make mistakes, for very little money.

Also of interest is the site called Civil War Quilts.  Here I can learn to quilt a block a week and I get a little history lesson via featured excerpts from diaries that were written by women of the period.  I find it fascinating and fun.

The following is a bit of what I am currently working on and yes I am working on more than one project.  (Weirdly, I often read more than one book at a time too.  I suspect that it is a hangover from study habits in my college days.)

The Sock Monkey

One row of blocks…

This quilt is called a disappearing nine patch.  You begin with the basic nine patch quilt block, cut it into fours, and rotate each piece.  The end result is a more modern mosaic of color vs. the old-fashioned pieced blocks.

So why call it the Sock Monkey?  It’s all about the colors…

Isn’t he adorable!

…and a lot about nostalgia!  Everybody’s Granny made these for their grandkids when I was little.  (Hmm… my Grannies missed out on this gene.)

Progress on the Sock Monkey?

Two rows of blocks sewn together and bout 1/4 done.

I had hoped to have this done for the guest room in October, that’s when some very good friends will be visiting, but it remains to be seen if I will get there.  Fact is, I have recently found out that if I want it machine quilted it will cost me about 1 cent per inch… or about $100.00.  (So much for economical quilts!)  So, I may be doing it the old-fashioned way with needle and tread.  That will take a while.

The Underground Railroad, from the Civil War Quilts site is my inspiration for a table runner I will be making.

Pattern:  The Underground Railroad

I found the lovely fabric at a little quilt shop called A Time 2 Sew in Collinsville, AL.  I just love the ladies there.  They are so friendly and full of advice and information.  Want to know a little secret about their shop?  It is housed in what was, until the mid seventies, the Collinsville Jail!  The cells are now used for storage and to display some of the antique quilts they have there!

I am dying to show you my nearly complete creation, but it is for a friend in Chicago and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!  I will share when it is done.  I promise!