Scrap Happy for January 15, 2019

It is a new year but I haven’t been posting much since last year.

Maybe it is time to get back into the habit again?

I have been practicing my machine quilting skills and getting better stitch by stitch.

Prepping and pinning orphaned blocks…

Suffering the frustrations of not properly clearing my sewing table…

As I said I’m better, but not good,  not even mediocre.  I will share samples eventually, but not yet.  Too embarrassing!

Meanwhile, I keep making and last month I made this in a quilt along with other quilters on Face book, in a private group called Humble Quilts.  If you quilt you might like joining in on all the fun!

It is called Sajou


Lori DeJarnatt

This mini quilt is 19 by 19, basted, and waiting for me to get my stitching to go where I want it to.  I have gotten a bit of control on stitch length, but not direction  😉


Scrap Happy is hosted by Kate and Gun and open to anyone wishing to use up their scraps in a project.  Waste not want not. Right?   For more delightful projects this month please visit with these lovely creators:

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Needing a haircut the Lady of the Farmlet thought,

“I cut Bob’s hair for him with the clippers… I’ll just put the biggest comb on and do it myself!”  It only took one swipe of the clippers to realize my mistake, but it was already too late.

I look in the mirror and try to imagine myself as one of those artsy looking old fems in dangly earrings and folksy clothing.  Nope, the vision bubble pops and it is still me with awful hair staring back.  Is it possible to be too frugal?  Yes.  It truly is.

I told Bob I won’t be going out in public.  His response?

“You can wear a hat.”

Note to self: 


!!!  😐  !!!


So many of you wanted pictures… My sister called almost as soon as I hit the publish button!!!  So I went out looking for a picture of an artsy looking ‘old lady’ with dangly earrings, whose hair looked roughly like mine, and I found her!

So, wadda’ya think?  Should I dye my hair orange and get a tattoo?

The very talented Fiber Artist ~ Rice (rhymes with Lisa) Freeman-Zachary

Click on the photo to see all her fabulous books on Amazon, or go here to her website: