Regarding October

I haven’t been here for almost a year, and I could boor you with all the reasons, but you’ve probably heard them from others, or more likely felt them yourself. Depression and the Covid mess should about cover it. So onward and forward with last month:

Having realized that by the 20th of November it will have been a whole year to the day, I tried last month to write a new post… Block wall… Fish out of water…


Um, the old editor is really gone for good? Argh…(angry words -delete-delete-delete) Bad news!

But, I’m forging ahead this month in the hope it goes well when I do hit the post button.

In early summer I ordered ten baby ducklings, the minimum order, and they arrived in August. I lost two in the delivery process and one, about a month later, due to failure to thrive . When they were feathered and large enough for a daily romp in the garden, I then made sure to shore up the spaces between the gates and fence with three gallon painter buckets from Home Depot. Runner ducks are tall and very svelte. October gave us a very blustery night with raging wind and a bit of rain. Unbeknownst to me, the wind had picked up one of the buckets and blew it away. And so it was that one wayward soul, discovering the space between the gate and fence, went through that space looking for greener pastures, and found Walker instead. The buckets are now weighted down with a very heavy stone in the bottom!

My garden was a bust. Tomatoes never set fruit, potatoes, sweets, red and russet just didn’t grow. I did get tons of green beans as well as a new Jalapeno called “Nadapeno” which has no fire. Although the fruits of this pepper were many, they weren’t very exciting. Yet, my face did not turn red, so I guess there is that.

Last year I closed the middle finger on my right hand in the kitchen drawer. It hurt, but never blackened or fell off. Good I thought. But then, over the summer, a strange lump grew out from under my cuticle and it was large enough to cause a great groove in my fingernail. My Primary Dr. freaked out and sent me to have it checked for cancer. The Derm/cancer specialist said it was just a cyst and sent me to my hand surgeon. He explained that the drawer exacerbated the osteoarthritis in the joint, caused a leak of fluid at the base of my nail, which caused the cyst, which deformed the nail. He ordered surgery. The cyst was cut and will grow out with my nail, and the bone was cleaned of the arthritic bits. My finger looks like it belongs to Frankenstein’s monster at the moment and now has a titanium screw through that offending joint. The following image is the ex-ray of the offending and hugely swollen finger.

Apologies if you find it offensive, but the position provided the best imaging for the surgeon and shows the swelling as well. This was on October 28th. The swelling is now greatly reduced, and some of the feeling is coming back to the tip of my finger, but not yet to the bit behind the cuticle.

So far this month, Bob is building the ducks a hut to sleep in at night. Currently, they are still in the barn at night and sleeping in a 4ft. wide kiddie pool with straw in the bottom and wire fencing to keep them in.

If it doesn’t rain I’ll show you how I get them from the barn to the other side of the house in the morning! I find it very entertaining