Buddy gets a bath

This past week Buddy needed a bath.  He’s been wearing a “Lampshade” over his head because he got his yearly dental treatment and finally had his dewclaws removed (see below).

Two weeks later the stitches came out and the cone came off.  Buddy stank and needed a bath.

If he could only see he would have been hiding under the bed!


*Buddy’s dew claws are jet black and this makes it impossible to see the quick when trimming.  As time went  by they would grow into a circle and then get caught in his long fur and/or his collar.  More than once we had found him with his dewclaw stuck in his collar.  This was often very awkward for us to get him disentangled, and occasionally, by the time we found him, there was bleeding involved .  We felt it might be dangerous for him to be stuck like that if we were not home,  and therefore we made the decision to have them removed.

There are some who think this should never be done, and others who believe it should absolutely be done.  It is interesting to note, that like cat declawing, some countries also outlaw the removal of dewclaws!  (BTW, I would NEVER dewclaw a cat.)

What are your feelings about dewclaw removal? 

Friday Fictioneers: the contract


 Thanks as always to Rochelle at Addicted to Purple


The Contract

He sensed that the god’s offer to make him king for a thousand years was a trick, but it was his greed made him agree to the bargain.  He’d been given a fortnight to think it through.   He read the simple contract over and over and couldn’t find a flaw. Waiting till the last possible moment he signed the parchment.

  I, king Bergamond, agree to surrender control over my kingdom to my brother if found unfit to rule. In exchange for this promise I will stand watch over my kingdom for 1,000 years.

Semantics had always been his brother’s forte.


This week’s photo prompt is compliments of Claire Fuller. 

Thank you, Claire, it is lovely!


Words:  100

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Photo Friday: find the Claus

Find the kitty!


OK, I sorta tricked you.  Claus is not in this picture.  Although, there is a good-looking leaf pile replica that some of you found right off.  Good eyes, my friends!  🙂 

This morning I was looking into the back forty when I noticed Claus was up on the chicken’s run.   You may or may not recall that he has a bum knee, so this was unusual.  Running (well, OK limping actually 😉 )  to go get my camera and take a picture of this amazing kitty feat for Bob, I got back and he was gone… 

or was he?

There-he-isFunny Boy!  If you can’t find him in this picture then click to enlarge it.


NOTE:  Sorry for the grainy shots, but they were taken through the dining room window. 

Have a Blessed weekend!