3:00 AM

Can’t sleep.

I walk outside and it is so strange to hear nothing.

No frogs, nor wind, nor traffic, nor rain. Nothing.

The last time it was this quiet was in 2011 when the tornado storm took our power.  We do have power by the way.

Unable to sleep I start my day early.

Good morning!


Meet Crow, the new rooster of the Farmlet.

He’s still sleeping.

Smart rooster!


What do you do when you can’t sleep?

The next steps taken

We have applied for the loan, paid for the appraisal of our home, made an offer on the  Appalachian hills Farmlet, are waiting for the appraiser to call and schedule, and I am not sleeping!

I can’t stand the suspense and I am well and truly worn out.  I have tried all my best tricks to get to sleep, but it is not working.

My best sleeping tricks:

  1. Turn on Debussy low when going to bed.  (normally this works)
  2. When number one does not work then get up and drink camomile tea while reading the *LOTR.  Usually this always works!

Not this time.

“Dear three AM, we have got to stop meeting this way.  I would much rather sleep with you.”  ~ anonymous ~

What works for you when you can’t sleep at night?


*LOTR:  The Lord of the Rings