Friday Fictioneers: shopping cart escapades

By now you know the rules, and if not, please do visit Rochelle at Addicted to Purple HERE.  A special thanks to Janet Webb for the use of her photograph today!

Playdaycopyright – Janet Webb


~ Shopping Cart Escapades ~

(A tiny scene presented in 100 words)


“Who’s bright idea was this anyway?”  Aldi chides.

“Yeah!”  Belle whines,  “My wheeeels are rustinnng!”

“Be quiet you two!”  warns Safeway. “Who was to know it would rain like this?”

“It’s getting light out, we really need to roll!”  advises Aldi

Belle,  “We’re gonnaaa get cauuught!”

Safeway and Aldi in unison:  “Quit whining Belle!”

Safeway, “You thought this was a great idea when we talked about it last night!”


Belle, “Ohhh!   We’re all ruuusted!”

“Just get in the parking lot, Belle!”





Why were these carts left out?  And don’t tell me they let themselves out to play!


WORDS:  100

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Friday Fictioneers: the dress

My entry for Friday Fictioneers, the week of 31-may-2013


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)


Make every word count.

TITLE:  The Dress

window-dressing-janet-webbCopyright – Janet Webb

Dina liked the dress the moment she saw it.  The color, the miles of tulle in the skirt, in a word, perfect!

Pushing the dress deep into the tub, she held it under the water until all the air was released, and it had quit bubbling.  Then she left it to soak for a bit.

Returning later, she removed it from the tub, drained out the water, and refilled it with fresh for a rinse.  Gently she removed the dress, placed it onto a hangar and hung it outside to dry.

Now, what to do with the body?  she thought.


Thank you Rochelle for another great prompt!