Unspeakable evil

I never talk about politics principally because the news media makes such a hash of it every minute of every day.  However, this week our nation took a step that is beyond sense and reason, New York specifically, and Virginia seems to be right in line to do so.

It has given a woman the choice to kill her baby right at birth or just after birth.  That is murder.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against a woman’s choice to choose abortion.  I could never have  done it myself, but I would not stand in the way of another woman’s choice.

But clearly  a child in the third trimester is no longer the lump of cells that women have fought to rid themselves of in the past.

My heart breaks to think of what our society has become.

From the delegate’s mouth herself…

After very bad public reaction, she is backing off and saying she misspoke.

Draw your own conclusions.

And don’t beat me.  I’m just the messenger.


I was going to comment on your replies, but in the end I thought it best to just post them, to let you the reader say what you feel, and leave it at that.

We each bring to this discussion our own point of view, each valid and each worth standing on its own merit.

I hope you understand my silence.

❤ ❤ ❤