Unspeakable evil

I never talk about politics principally because the news media makes such a hash of it every minute of every day.  However, this week our nation took a step that is beyond sense and reason, New York specifically, and Virginia seems to be right in line to do so.

It has given a woman the choice to kill her baby right at birth or just after birth.  That is murder.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against a woman’s choice to choose abortion.  I could never have  done it myself, but I would not stand in the way of another woman’s choice.

But clearly  a child in the third trimester is no longer the lump of cells that women have fought to rid themselves of in the past.

My heart breaks to think of what our society has become.

From the delegate’s mouth herself…

After very bad public reaction, she is backing off and saying she misspoke.

Draw your own conclusions.

And don’t beat me.  I’m just the messenger.


I was going to comment on your replies, but in the end I thought it best to just post them, to let you the reader say what you feel, and leave it at that.

We each bring to this discussion our own point of view, each valid and each worth standing on its own merit.

I hope you understand my silence.

❤ ❤ ❤

11 thoughts on “Unspeakable evil

  1. craftycreeky says:

    I’ve just watched the link and I am appalled, I am totally pro choice but as a former midwife I can think of no condition when an abortion in the 3rd trimester would be more beneficial to the mother than a premature delivery and it clearly isn’t a good choice of treatment for the baby! As you say, what is the world coming to.

  2. Anita says:

    I’m with the guy talking. It would be helpful to have the medical reasons stated because I want to see what they are thinking. If the mother’s life is truly in danger by carrying the baby through the 3rd trimester an emergency C-section could work to save the mother’s life if necessary instead of an abortion. My step-daughter had pre-eclampsia which can cause the mother to die during the third trimester. She had an emergency C-section which saved her life. The baby was very tiny at one pound nine ounces but she did survive thanks to intensive care..

  3. Kathleen Clark says:

    I’m definitely pro-choice, but also definitely against late term abortion. Like you, I could never have an abortion myself. I was over two months premature back in the 1940s. Asking a nurse (usually it is the nurse) or doctor to terminate a baby that is born alive is murder.

  4. duck duck goose says:

    Lynda, Please read the actual law.  * I love you but I implore you not to get political on your social media for the same simple reason I and  others don’t : it will alienate those who disagree with you and they will leave. You will find yourself in an echo chamber of only those who agree with you. Which is an unrealistic place to be.  I say this will all respect and as another person with a social media presence to maintain.  Your friend, Connie 

  5. onecreativefamily says:

    As I agree with Connie, sometimes you just gotta say what you feel. Hubby and I discuss this all the time as we are so opposite on political issues. I pray there is the same number of people on the other end to keep everything balanced.

  6. Littlesundog says:

    I was appalled at this too. The right to an abortion at any stage, carries an eventual personal burden to the person who made that choice. I keep hoping that a collective consciousness in our country, helps to show or communicate how some ideas can be catastrophic.

  7. Fran McKean says:

    I don’t favor new laws because I don’t know what situations could arise for someone, however I believe that the lax attitudes about abortion are about bailing people out from irresponsible behavior in likely most cases. The ‘anything goes’ lifestyle sold by the media for decades is not without its price. This morning I heard a panel of abortion survivors, damaged, but somehow survived to live full lives and tell their story. If I had lost a baby for any reason I would not be cheering, thrilled with myself on national tv, or lighting up a building. I favor education of hearts and minds. God help us.

  8. Fran McKean says:

    With respect to Connie, if you think it doesn’t matter and speaking up for the innocent is unreasonable, please at least consider the harm for the rest of her life to the young mom who agrees to it. Forget politics and even religion. It is terribly unnatural and to most ‘reasonable’ people unthinkable to destroy one’s offspring.

  9. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    Cyber is slow, so the link is not opening.. the problem is here, but I get the gist no matter if I see it or not.
    Interesting comments; I witness similar about ‘the wall’ — and have witnessed some interesting feedback about the ‘take the knee’ which i’ve asked people from my state – black and white. there were some interesting answers, many were too private and painful (from the blacks) to share.

    Ego often plays into the pro or no opinions,,, i try to see it as close as i can as thru Jesus’s eyes.

    The cyber is closing — bye!

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