It’s Official

The Octogenarian and her son have agreed to discount the property to cover the costs of repairs to the house and proceed with the sale!

We gave the owner lots of extra time to pack, sort, and have an estate sale.

No pressure.

I can’t imagine having lived there so long and then having to leave it all behind.  I think when it is our turn to leave that it will be heartbreaking to let it all go.

In early June we will pay for the property, and in return we will receive the keys, and deed to the Mountain Farmlet!

House deed

So while we wait, there is lots to do.

Sorting, packing, selling, giving away, and condensing down all the stuff of our lives.  It is a small house.  As well, there are painting, patching, and some major repairs that will all have to be done before we move in.

It will be hard work,

and it will all be worth it too!