Once Upon a Time in the West: the bookmobile

A friend of mine, Cindy,  recently posted a vintage photo of an early Bookmobile.  Seeing it brought back a cherished memory of the second grade at Howard Elementary…

I loved going in and finding books on archeology and stories about historical Peoples.  The first time I tried to check out one of these fascinating tomes the lady in charge challenged me saying, “You’re too young to read that book!  That’s for the big boys and girls in High School.”

“I can read it!”  I boasted.  Whereupon she sat me down and made me read a few pages to her.  I think I surprised her.

“OK” she said, “Now tell me about what just happened in the story.”

When I had finished explaining about what the little cliff dweller boy in the story had been doing and thinking, she let me have the book, and any others I wanted after that.

I was eight.


Yes, I remember the Bookmobile, though maybe not this far back!

Photo Credit:  http://librarianista.tumblr.com/  via Cindy’s post at http://schoollibrarybeyondsurvival.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/early-bookmobile/

Thank you Cindy for helping me find my voice today! 🙂