It’s Official

The Octogenarian and her son have agreed to discount the property to cover the costs of repairs to the house and proceed with the sale!

We gave the owner lots of extra time to pack, sort, and have an estate sale.

No pressure.

I can’t imagine having lived there so long and then having to leave it all behind.  I think when it is our turn to leave that it will be heartbreaking to let it all go.

In early June we will pay for the property, and in return we will receive the keys, and deed to the Mountain Farmlet!

House deed

So while we wait, there is lots to do.

Sorting, packing, selling, giving away, and condensing down all the stuff of our lives.  It is a small house.  As well, there are painting, patching, and some major repairs that will all have to be done before we move in.

It will be hard work,

and it will all be worth it too!


UPDATE: the mountain farmlet edition

I have received word from the realtor that the owner and son are proceeding with estimates and repairs to the 174-5 year old house.  They have called in the plumber, and termite inspector, and are waiting for the estimate from the electrician to proceed.

When I last reported to you about the Mountain Farmlet, you will recall that we were asking for them to repair, or discount the price by 15K for repairs on the following:

  • foundation
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • and roof 

Things seem to be moving in a very positive direction!  This makes me very hopeful, that we will be able to close the deal and take ownership of this antique home.

I know you think we have lost our minds, but this is a once in a lifetime event.  Yes, it is an old house, but after the repairs we feel that she still has a few good years left in her.  The house will never be perfect, it wasn’t when it was first built!  But, it is precisely those imperfections quirks that make it such a charming old estate.

We really are looking forward to living there on the mountain.


Again, thank you to everyone for your goodwill and prayers for us.  They encourage us.


The New Farmlet from the back

When, and realistically if, she becomes ours, then she will become

The Mountain Farmlet

What else?  😉


Pictures From Friday’s Visit

Here are just a few pictures from my visit to the new Mountain Farmlet.

Please click the first photo to open the carousel…

There will be an update on tomorrow on the status of the home inspection.  Then we wait to see what the seller says about repairs or a lower selling price.

If they do not bend, then there will be no sale. 

Sometimes it stings a little…

joker, playing card, evan sklar

“…The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part…”

~Tom Petty~


We found our dream home, and made an offer.


The seller said yes,

The bank said yes.

We’ve been approved for our loan…


Our current home has become so devalued in this economy that our funding was not enough to pay for the Appalachian Farmlet.


I have no words.