Pictures From Friday’s Visit

Here are just a few pictures from my visit to the new Mountain Farmlet.

Please click the first photo to open the carousel…

There will be an update on tomorrow on the status of the home inspection.  Then we wait to see what the seller says about repairs or a lower selling price.

If they do not bend, then there will be no sale. 

29 thoughts on “Pictures From Friday’s Visit

  1. victoriaaphotography says:

    Love the house & area – looks like my dream house. Actually I like the ‘guest’ cottage even better. I always dreamed of living in the country in a cottage, painting/sketching and having a herb garden (studied herbal medicine in early 1990s). Never eventuated and now with chronic ill health and a heart condition, it never will.
    The fence looks so interesting. Never seen a log fence in that pattern in Australia. It must be an American style of log fence.
    In Australia you buy a property ‘as is’. You can have an architectural firm check out a prospective house for a few hundred dollars, but once you’ve bid & won the public auction (or private sale), you pay the deposit & usually have “x” amount of days to pay the balance. There is no discussion and the seller has no liability to fix or repair anything once you’ve bought the property.
    The US seems to have a completely different way of buying & selling.

    I’d love to see more photos of your prospective new home & property.

    • Lynda says:

      Well, Victoria, when you hear about what the inspector found (tomorrow’s post) you will understand why I’m grateful that we can implement a passing inspection clause if he (the son) won’t work with us. LOL! You will see more. I was just trying not to show too much of the owner’s belongings as she is still living there. 😉

  2. duck duck goose says:

    Oh wow!! I love everything! I have to think the owner must be thrilled that you would love that duck being left behind! That is so perfect. And the confederate flag at least doesnt have a swastika in the center like they do here~ and they wonder why tourists dont stop while driving thru. Everything looks wonderful and I am SO SO happy for you and your flock! I loved seeing the photos~ thank you!

    • Lynda says:

      You’re welcome, Connie! I’m so glad you like it, and yes, I do hope that duck stays… If he does, then I will have to find him a girlfriend! 😉

    • Lynda says:

      Thanks, Tom, after the letdown of the first attempt, well, I am trying not to make too much of an emotional investment in this one. Which is not to say we don’t want it! 😉

  3. shoreacres says:

    Lilacs! I would give ANYTHING for lilacs, but alas. Texas isn’t going to allow lilacs. I assume that watermelon is a propane tank – that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a good long while.

    When we sold Mom’s house, we also got a kind of seller’s insurance which protected us against anything found AFTER the closing. I don’t remember how much it was, but it was remarkably cheap for the peace of mind it offered. I can’t remember what the new owners found, but there was some little something that wasn’t what the inspection had showed. No problem – they got it fixed and the seller’s insurance paid for it.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Lynda says:

      Sorry you can’t grow Lilacs, Linda. So sad. Yes, the Watermelon is the propane tank. 😉 As for the homeowner’s insurance, well, I don’t think it covers what ails this old home. (read my newest post) 😦

  4. Island Traveler says:

    Beautiful landscape and view. I agree though that when finding one’s dream home, repairs should be in high priority. One’s dream can easily turn into something else. I had a a bad experience in buying a house and paying for all the stuff I wasn’t full aware until several years later when it was to much to bear. We did have fun in it though and my son had great memories of it. I wish you all the best.

    • Lynda says:

      Mr. B, I am sad to hear of your bad experience with your other home. But isn’t it just like you to be able to appreciate, and value, the fun times you shared there with your family? Many do not have your ability to cherish the good memories over the bad experiences in life.

      Thank you for your good wishes. You know they are appreciated. 🙂

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