It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The air is fresh, and the sun has come out giving the world that special glow that only comes with a good scrubbing of a prolonged and gentle rain.   Even the grasses have revived and are rising to the occasion!

Don’t you love days like these?

Well, maybe the neighbors dogwood will take a bit longer… 😦

But don’t you just love that brand new tree house!  I makes me wish to be a child again, how about you?  😉

~ Herbs in the garden ~


Umbels of Bronze Fennel

The cooling blue of Borage

~ Vegetables ~


Asparagus refreshed by the rain arises to catch the sun and store it away deep down underground,  keeping it there in its roots for next spring.

This morning I see that the runner beans, having been stunted and scorched in the drought, now race to catch up.

~ Flowers ~


We approach the new gate leading into the goose yard, and beyond are the herb and vegetable gardens.  There stands Miss Becky, a weather tough form of Rudbeckia, who grew to a mammoth six feet tall!  (I suspect her roots grew equally deep into the earth to sustain her.)

Miss Becky!

Turning to go another direction I pass the blackberry vines and discover…

a surprise pair of naked ladies where there were none before!  I suspect they were kicked closer to the surface when Bob rototilled this section of the garden in early spring.   I await their grand opening.

~ The Geese ~


My little gaggle will be the first to tell you, that the newest grass shoots are the most tender and fine.  😉  Foreground L to R:  Little Dorrit, Miss Hissster, Polly, Background:  Georgie and Frellnick.

My how those boys have grown!

~ Till next time then! ~


Behind the barn with Lil’ Bit.

~ * ~

On such a lovely morning…


It had rained just enough. 

The sky was full of puffy clouds, birds were singing, a delicious cool breeze blew in refreshing the inside of my home…

It was perfection.

Suddenly my nose is assaulted by the smell of the neighbor’s burning leaves!  I rush to close the windows,

It is too late.

My house now smells like an ash pile.


How is your Friday going?   😉