Photo Friday: I couldn’t help myself

This fall has been particularly lovely.  I can’t tell you if it is only my perception of the season, or if in fact it is truly better this year, but I find that I can’t help but add just one more view…

I stand looking out my window and see that the rain has washed away the dust from the far-reaching windstorms generated in Hurricane Sandy’s fury.   This wet and overcast view enriches the fall color.  It is an enigma to me that with all the rich, warming, color of the season, I should have to bundle up to go outside, but I want an unfiltered view for my portrait.

Thus bundled and standing on the front porch I set up my camera and try to capture that warmth, saving it for this winter when it will be truly frigid and seemingly bereft of life.

Finding what I’m looking for, I capture the moment.


I study the treeline trying to decide on another suitable view, when suddenly the cloud cover breaks allowing a single shaft of light to fall in the center of the trees.

There in the middle of all this loveliness burns the heart of fall, and I think to myself,

“This will do.”

NOTE:  Today’s images are best viewed full size.  Please click the photos for best color and clarity.


UPDATE:  For those who can’t get enough fall color you can find plenty more from all over the US on Growing the Home Garden’s website ~

In Awe of Autumn

We had visitors, best friends from sunny California who, thankfully, wanted to see and do it all here in our neck of the woods.   And so it was that we went out every day for a week to experience the loveliness first hand.  Of course this meant a lot of pictures!

I want to post them all, but to your relief I will hold back and try to post only the best.  Please take a moment to click each photo for a clearer look at each photograph!

Today I bring you Autumn’s splendor

On a walkway outside Cathedral Caverns


In front of a natural wall of rain soaked black limestone


A Young Maple Grove above Huntsville, Alabama

Monte Sano State Park


A small grouping of Staghorn Sumac* on the side of the road


The Autumn here is beautiful, but fleeting.  In one week a couple of frosty nights can bring it on in a matter of days, and just as quickly a bit of rain and wind can take it all away!

For us California Ex-pats, it is a stunning vision that we are just not used to seeing.  It saddens us that it is here for such a short time.  Thankfully, the color returns dependably each year, but sometimes, like this year, it is simply stunning!


*NOTE:  Poison Sumac has composite leaves with smooth edges, whereas the Staghorn Sumac has composite leaves with serrated (toothed) edges.  That said, if you are uncertain about the plant, then by all means be safe and don’t touch it!