Let the thawing begin

Today the sun came out and melted quite a bit of the snow.  This made everyone happy.  Especially me!  Even the chickens were no longer afraid to walk in it.

The bees came out for recon and some house keeping duties.  Considering the temperatures we’ve been experiencing I thought their losses were minimal.

The geese, now able to come back to their own stomping grounds, found buried treasure beneath the snow.

I was surprised to see that left over collard greens,  abandoned the day it began snowing, looked perfectly delectable.  The geese sure didn’t pass them up!

Though not entirely melted the snow was thinning quickly.  We needed to lay down straw to keep the mud from sticking to everyone’s feet and thereby keep it out of the house.

It felt good to be outside working!

What did you do this weekend?

Look out my window

I have never lived anywhere that you didn’t have to drive to touch snow.  Oh sure, you could see it on the mountains, but you couldn’t experience it.  Thankfully, It is a rare event here in North Alabama, and usually consists of a light dusting rather than the 7 to 8 inches we got early in the week.  As well, it doesn’t usually involve sustained below freezing temperatures that keep it around for a week, nor hard freeze conditions such as we had last night.  It was 6 degrees when I got up this morning.  Bone numbing cold that makes your kitties who always want out cry at the window to get in, and your doggies hold it because they don’t want to spend a half hour licking the ice clods out of their paws when they come back in.  COLD. (Seriously, I had to literally push them out the door to make them go!)

So this week I ventured out only when necessary and the rest came to me through the window glass…

When it warmed up enough on Tuesday for Bob to venture out and go to work he had to shovel the snow off the driveway first.  He said, “Now there’s something I can check off my ‘Bucket List.”

Eastern Blue Jays, who came to clear the acorns out of my rain gutters, called my attention to the need of a pressure washer for the coming spring!

Cardinals came to call,

as did Blue Birds who fluffed up their feathers against this morning’s  6 degree cold!

While the view from my window was lovely, I never-the-less did not want to venture out into the cold if I didn’t have to…  So when I did go out  I made sure to take along my camera.

I found infant icicles that made lace of the snow as it slid off the edge of the barn.

These would later grow into fully formed daggers that hung down a foot or more.

I thought they were beautiful.

Ok, this was not in my yard.  But I wish it were so I could fix its roof and keep it a worthy residence for all the birds who come to call!

Oh look… MORE snow

It was deep!  Seven and a half inches of pure powder!

We even had icicles on the back of the Silkies hutch!

Oh, and the snow-covered thing in the foreground is my new potting bench that Bob and I built at the end of summer.  It even has a dry sink on the right side.  I am looking forward to better weather in spring so I can put it to good use!

OK, I should be all excited about a snow day and Bob being home and all, but the fact is, it’s nice to look at but you don’t want to be in it for working.  Which is precisely where I found myself at 6:45 this morning!   Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who was less than impressed with it all…

Claus’s solution to getting though the snow?  Jump!

Bertha confers with Little Red Hen, “What do you think?  Shall we dive in?”

Little Red Hen,  “Oh sure thing Bertha, you go first!”

Meanwhile, I shoveled a small path from the gate to the barn for the geese.  Did they use it?  NO.  They waddled through the chest deep snow anyway!

Well OK, it did make it easier for me to get through and was a bit less cold on my toes.

While I worked, a little squirrel made a bee line for the maple tree and disappeared into the top!  Can’t say as I blamed him!

Maybe I shouldn’t complain, after all, it could always be worse!

Photo link: http://www.strangedangers.com/content/item/15279.html

We had a bit of real snow for Christmas!

So here I offer a few words, several pictures and a disclaimer for those who wonder…  I am a transplanted California girl, hence my excitement over so little snow.

OH, and for those who are not my Facebook friends, I have reposted a little “One Act Kitty Drama”  at the end.  Enjoy!




Such beauty!  We were stunned to see this lovely Christmas Gift from Heaven and much-loved to receive it…

The animals on the other hand were not so enamored of this lovely, albeit cold, blanket that covered all their familiar turf…

Molly:  “Whooooo… it’s slippery and COLD!!!”


Polly:   “Not good for dibbling either!”

Topper:  “You call this an improvement?”


~And finally, here’s the little Drama I promised~

It is Christmas morning and it’s snowing…

Claus:    Meeeeout?
Bob:   Ok, but are you sure?
Claus: MeeeeOUT!

Bob lets him out.

One minute later…

Claus:   MEEEIN NOW… helloooo? Meeein… OK, I’m not foolin’ let meeeein it’s freezin’ my whiskers!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year! May you find many Blessings as it unfolds!