A phone call and an invitation…

Last night the *Octogenarian called with an invitation to visit the new property on Friday!  She said she wanted to show me around the gardens before all their spring loveliness was bloomed out!

Isn’t she lovely to think of that?

She also said she had some photographs of the old place for me too.

Is it Friday yet?


*NOTEFor those who wonder why I call her the Octogenarian.  I do it to protect her anonymity.   I didn’t want to put her name out there on the net, lest she run into it and not appreciate my bandying it about! 

Once Upon a Time in the West: memories of may day

When Bob and I met in high school and began dating he introduced me to his mother.  The introduction would be a fateful one, as over time she would become my “Mom away from Mom.”  (But, that’s a story for another day…)

Her favorite flowers were daisies, so on May Day I made her a  May basket and filled it with, what else?   Daisies.


Quietly I snuck up to her doorstep, placed the basket near the door, rang the bell and then ran to hide! 


It was a childhood tradition, the running and hiding. 

She was too fast in answering the door, and caught me.  It spoiled the fun of watching her wonder “Who did this?”  but time would reveal that my actions that morning had endeared me to her.

May Day observance and its meaning are long forgotten by most folks today, but not by me, and not for its original meaning.  For me, May Day brings back old memories of my Mother in Law, a basket of daisies and her love for me.

I loved you too, Mom, and some days I miss you terribly.

Happy May Day!  


For your interest…

Here is a video which shows a more traditional May Pole dance, which was, and still is, a part of the May Day Celebrations in England.

Such merry-making!

You may like to know that the dance is well choreographed, and when done correctly the May Pole will not just be wrapped in ribbons, it will be laced or woven in ribbons! 


Image courtesy of Deaf Pagan Crossroads.  Please click the image to be taken to her site and a well written post about the May Pole!


A Special thanks to Steve Schwartzman of Portraits of Wildflowers as the inspiration for my post today, and also to EarthSky for the information on May Day celebrations.  Both sites deserve a closer look!


You still here?  Well then, here is an extra tidbit.  If you are on WordPress and write a post that includes the words  may pole dance  you will be inundated by  many suggestions for tie ins regarding the POLE DANCE!  Which interestingly, seems to be promoted much differently than my understanding of the craft.  😉  That aside, Google made the distinction and offered up useful and germane information, whereas WordPress could not.  😉

Pictures From Friday’s Visit

Here are just a few pictures from my visit to the new Mountain Farmlet.

Please click the first photo to open the carousel…

There will be an update on tomorrow on the status of the home inspection.  Then we wait to see what the seller says about repairs or a lower selling price.

If they do not bend, then there will be no sale.