The reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated…

Dear Family and Friends,

We are OK.

Well, we are OK, although my knee is not overly ecstatic about its three trips into and out of our storm shelter last night.  After having been operated on a mere three weeks ago it was not primed and ready for the marathon stair climbing of last night’s tornado warnings for our little town…  I am not complaining.  adrenaline will get through adversity every time, and you will just feel it later.  It is later.  ‘-)

Thankfully, only a *small section of Charity Lane and Bobo Section Road were hit in our town last night.  This does not diminish the loss of property that anyone there has suffered, it only states fact.  So many other areas were hit much harder, and  have lost so much more in lives and property.

Here in Alabama we are bracing for more possible tornadic activity.

It is predicted to be in the mid to lower portion of the state. 

Please pray for those who have suffered loss of family,

and for those who may face terrible storms this evening.

Thank you.


*Charity Lane and BoBo Section Road are about a mile away.

Tornado in Hazel Green

This photo of a “rain-wrapped” tornado was taken from the parking lot of Hazel Green HS.

Photo courtesy of Eric Schultz /    Please follow the link to the full story.

Also hit was a store on the 231 highway: