Friday Fictioneers: Silent Sentries

My entry for Friday Fictioneers,  September 18, 2015.


PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Thank you Rochelle for your time and efforts each week to keep our creativity sparked!  And a special thanks to David Stewart for the featured photo offering.


Silent Sentries

Lowell knew the gate would be worth the challenge for the few extra dollars at the recyclers this week. He had seen it the last time he hit the alley looking for cans and other discards. He watched the house daily to note the occupants schedule and worked out when they were not home. Reveling in his own craftiness, he chuckled as he backed his truck to the gate, then set to work on the hinges. The gate loose he gave it a shove. It fell.

“Whoever heard of silent dogs?” He screamed, as they pinned him to the ground.


Words:  100


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Battle Ready (Completely rewritten!)

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PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham

In my rush to publish this morning I think I wrote my first DUD.  So, I went back to the computer and completely re-wrote my entry.  I feel better about it now.  🙂


Battle Ready

The war between the tribes had been going on for centuries. Mirabella, now experienced enough to go to war, only needed her battle kit. She’d saved for some time to purchase the No.22 hanging there on the wall. It was more than she needed, yet contained all the essentials.

It was well known that this shopkeeper would sell to anyone. However, the garlic hung out front clearly indicated his preference. Holding her breath she ducked into the shop.

Paying him for her purchase, she grinned when she handed back the lantern and nasty dehydrated food.

She wouldn’t be needing them.


100 words exactly.


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An Irrational Childhood Fear

After another long hiatus I return with a flash fiction offering for  Friday Fictioneers!  Thanks, as always, goes out to Rochelle at Addicted to purple!




An Irrational Childhood Fear

Returning as an adult for the reading of grandmother’s will, Madeline recalled when Grandmother had ordered the heavy bronze chandeliers. She hated them at once, and had always imagined that they would lower themselves down, clamp onto her head, and suck her brains out. She’d always given them a wide berth.
Musing about her silly childish fear of the lights, Madeline now found them quite lovely. It was then that Charley, her six-foot-five cousin, twice removed, walked under the chandelier.
She watched in horror as his hair grazed the central rosebud.    The chandelier dropped, clamping tightly onto his skull.


Word count:  100

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Friday Fictioneers: grandfather’s chair

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~My entry for August 15, 2014 ~


Grandfather’s Chair


PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Gazing at Grandfather’s self portrait reminded her of the many times she’d sat in his lap watching him work. After the funeral, Grandmother promised she’d put stickers on all the things she knew us kids wanted,

“No confusion this way” she winked.

When Grandmother passed, her brother called to say he’d auctioned off the old homestead,

” More fair this way.” he’d said.

Years later, when traveling cross country, Emily spied a chair like Grandfather’s in a junk shop and bought it. Loading it into the car the shopkeeper reached out to remove a small sticker.

“NO, leave it!” she cried.


Words: 100


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