Friday Fictioneers

Again I have been away for a while… still healing, but much improved!  The following is my exactly 100 word story for Friday Fictioneers.  And please, don’t count the title!  😉


Your Order Has Been Delivered

Having wanted a few goats for some time I finally bit the bullet and did my research. I first considered, Pygmies, because they are so adorable, but they’re just too cute to think of as a meal. Then I thought about Fainting goats as they are easy to contain behind a fence. Again I hesitated; I didn’t enjoy thinking of them fainting and becoming pray to coyotes. Eventually, I ordered Boer Goats. Heftier, and perhaps better suited to protecting themselves with help from the Mini Donkeys. They would work for our needs! I ordered 15.

Dang that sticky zero key.

goats-and-carCopywrite – Sandra Cook

Many thanks to Rochelle Wysoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple for her prompts and support, and to Sandra Cook for her fun sheep photo.  Yes, they are really sheep.  I took some license with the subject to fit my interest.  🙂

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Wednesday’s Words: the littlest virtuoso

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#69 

The prompt ~ Bah Humbug!



The Littlest Virtuoso

From the moment the little bug had finished his metamorphosis, he had loved to hum.  In his short time on earth he had learned to hum the many different melodies he had been exposed to.  Such musical masterpieces as Handel’s Messiah, or Debussy’s Clair de lune, were happily hummed in perfect pitch.

One day when visiting a lovely nearby garden, he landed on a fragrant rose.  Becoming drunk off its lovely fragrance he began to hum loudly and most contentedly.

The gardener happened by and noticing him there, reached out to squish him.

“Bah, you Humbug!” He muttered with satisfaction.


Some extras for your pleasure…

Handel’s Messiah history

Handel’s Messiah the music…


Debussy a bit of history and other musical facts!   ~Do you imagine I love his music?   I Do!

Debussy’s Clair de lune the music

Do you think you know this piece?  Well of course you do!


Second helpings today!

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#68


In my effort to catch up with this challenge I find I will need to post a second helping today. 

The prompt is:

….they worked when I put them away….

The rules are to write using the prompt plus 100 words for a total of 107.


She loved the twinkle of Christmas lights.  Festooned off trees and shrubs, hung on the eaves, and dripping off the tree, the twinkle of each bulb gave her joy.  Then, at the end of the season the strings were inspected, bulbs polished, then carefully wound, and tucked safely away where they’d keep till next season.

The following Christmas, as was her habit, she plugged in each string to check for spent bulbs and proper working order. One by one she plugged them in and found none working!  Frustrated she thought,

“They worked when I put them away!”

In a nearby corner a mouse smiled at his handiwork.


Tomorrow we’ll be back on the Farmlet for a bit of gardening.


Sunday Shorts ~ Absent Minded

I found this prompt, a 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, on Julia’s Place   and sadly didn’t notice the date.    The idea is to only write 100 words on the picture prompt, and it is deviously harder than you think. 

Having spent more time on this than I should I nevertheless decided to post it!



last piece

On opening her Christmas package Louisa instantly knew its contents.   Breaking the cellophane wrapper, she carefully slid out the chocolate covered nougat, and holding it to her nose, she inhaled along the length of it like some cigar snob.  She smiled.

Not wanting to eat the whole thing at once she picked up her sharpest knife to begin meticulously measuring and slicing the bar into bite sized increments.  Grabbing the plate,  she sat down to watch television.   At the first commercial she was shocked to look down and see only one bite left.   Shrugging her shoulders she ate it too.