Second helpings today!

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#68


In my effort to catch up with this challenge I find I will need to post a second helping today. 

The prompt is:

….they worked when I put them away….

The rules are to write using the prompt plus 100 words for a total of 107.


She loved the twinkle of Christmas lights.  Festooned off trees and shrubs, hung on the eaves, and dripping off the tree, the twinkle of each bulb gave her joy.  Then, at the end of the season the strings were inspected, bulbs polished, then carefully wound, and tucked safely away where they’d keep till next season.

The following Christmas, as was her habit, she plugged in each string to check for spent bulbs and proper working order. One by one she plugged them in and found none working!  Frustrated she thought,

“They worked when I put them away!”

In a nearby corner a mouse smiled at his handiwork.


Tomorrow we’ll be back on the Farmlet for a bit of gardening.


21 thoughts on “Second helpings today!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ooh, cheeky little devil:
    “The best-laid plans
    of mice and men
    often go astray…”
    Merry Christmas!

    P.S. Just a dab of hot sauce will nip that in the bud (no matter who might be doing the chewing 😉
    And I know what you’re thinking, but better that than zapped, right?

  2. shoreacres says:

    Oh, those Christmas lights! I tried to always be careful and wrap them around something, but…. more than once I’ve just gone over to Walgreens and started over!

    At least now they have strings that still burn even if one goes out. And I have a lifetime of the old fashioned little lights, because I realized they were going straight LED last year and the ones I like won’t be around much longer. Scroogy government regulators… 😉

    • pixilated2 says:

      Glad to hear it! (Or should that be read it) 😉

      An aside: Dianne, every time I see your avatar my first impression is one of you standing there, arms wide open and head thrown back. It is like you are embracing life with pure joy in your heart. Somehow, I think that is not far from the truth. 🙂

      • diannegray says:

        I wasn’t sure which picture to put there. This one was taken while I was in a boat fishing and crabbing. It was very early in the morning and the sun was just coming up. It was taken from behind me as we were cruising through the water. I just love that feeling and I’m so glad you like the avatar! 😀

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