My intentions were good…

Today I had planned to clean house and put out my Christmas decorations, but I never quite got there.  Instead, my hubby called me out to get him a screwdriver to fix his new (to him) riding lawn mower (more about that later).  Then it was some pliers, and by then, well, I just noticed all the stuff that needed doin’ around the place.  Besides, the sun had come out and I wanted to play outside, not in!


What is it?

What is it?

I dismantled this mystery construction that was buried underneath the honeysuckle hill I was chopping down.  Then…

Debris Skid

Debris Skid

I used my homemade debris skid to haul away the mess I had accumulated.  I learned this trick at Dave’s Garden website.  Yes, it is a kiddie wading pool with a rope attached to it, and it really makes clearing up an acre much less painful.  I can pull it along behind me as I work and then take it to the curbside dump pile.  In a previous life the little pool was a baby chick brooder…

Pool as brooder

Pool as brooder

Baby chicks then…

Aren't they beautiful!

Aren't they beautiful!

Chickens now!

Meanwhile, what was my Sweety doing while I mucked out the chicken run and hutch, cleaned up debris, tore down the mystery construction, and denied the little dog his only pleasure in life?  (see below)


Mowin, Mowin, Mowin, Keep the Hubby Mowin, Alright!

Mowing the acre of leaves to clean them up.  This is almost a whole day’s endeavor.  BTW, He has wanted a riding mower for a very long time.  However, we did not need one in California.  Now he has one, and let me tell ya, it is not as quick and easy as it looks on TV.  In his words, “This is too much like work!”

The process with the leaves in Alabama is to mow them into a pile,  and then burn them.  Everybody does it, well OK, a few put them into plastic bags and and send them to the landfill!  Are we kidding?  I don’t think so!  I can barely stand the thought of running the mower and its pollution, but then to burn/bag them on top of that?  No way!  We are using them as mulch around the trees for the winter and moved the rest back along the fences, and into a pile to break down into leaf mould for the gardens.  Did you know that making leaf mold is a cold process, not a hot one like mulching other garden waste and kitchen scraps?  It takes at least a year to break down leaves into usable material that is good for your garden.  (Yeah, I know, you really wanted to know that.)

Oh yes, and as promised here is the little guy in his best sweater, giving me his best melt your heart, play with me look…

Play ball with the little dog  P-L-E-A-S-E ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Play ball with the little dog P-U-L-E-E-E-Z-E? !!!!!

Guess I can’t leave out the Big guy, now can I?

Don't bother me I'm catching some rays

Don't bother me I'm catching some rays.

One thought on “My intentions were good…

  1. Pamela Sue N. says:

    TUCKER!!!!! How I’ve missed those little (big) bat ears and that intense stare!

    By the way, your “What is it” appears to be a portal to another dimension. Probably where the alien mice came from.

    I love your golden hens. I hope they lay golden eggs!

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