So Why Alabama?

That’s what everyone asks when they find out we moved here.  Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I have several!

Lake Guntersville (pronounced "Gunnersvlle")
Lake Guntersville (pronounced “Gunnersvlle”)

It’s Beautiful.

The Thomas Bibb House
The Thomas Bibb House – Huntsville

It’s Historical…

HISTORY:  Alabama is dripping with it.  Although it is largely “infamous”  it is still ours and we should not forget it lest we repeat…  We have come so far from then.

The home above was built by Mr. Bibb, a plantation owner, in 1836.  It  is still owned and occupied by family decendents.  Mr. Bibb was the first president of the Alabama State Senate, and the second Governor of Alabama.   During the Civil War the home was occupied by Federal Officers, including General Sherman.

Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge

It’s quaint.

Cotton Candy Clouds
Cotton Candy Clouds

It has clean air.

Moon with a view
Moon with a view

We went here…

Rockets in Red Glare - Space Camp, Huntsville/Madison, AL
Rockets in Red Glare – Space Camp, Huntsville/Madison, AL

From here.

Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville is the home of the rocket science that powered our Moon and Space Explorations.  It still is!

Fall in the country
Fall in the country

It has seasons…

It is so wonderful to live in a rural setting and to have seasons to mark the year’s passing.  Just a month ago this big brown patch was a cotton field!  Big crops here are cotton, corn, beans and hay.

Pastoral View
Pastoral View

A view of the countryside…

A Cattle Ranch in Decalb County (pronounced "Da-cab")
A Cattle Ranch in Decalb County (pronounced “Da-cab”)

And another.

Spring view in our back yard
Iris and Dogwoods in our back yard

And finally, our home which sits on approximately an acre.

This is our back yard in spring.

Fall from my living room window
Fall from our living room window

And a closeup of fall from the front room window.

We are not city style people at heart, and therefore, this rural Alabama setting suits us just fine.


So how about that? Go on; say something!

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