Wild Weather

After getting phone calls and emails from family and friends I went out into the yard to have a look at the weather.  We were under a storm watch and waiting for high winds (up to a poss. 70 mph), thunderstorms, flooding, and a possible tornado. Well we didn’t get any of it, but we did get this…

Looking towards the Tennessee border

Looking towards the Tennessee border

The clouds are very impressive when you consider they are over Fayetteville, TN about 15 miles away.


In our little enclave we had blue sky right above us but ten minutes later we had this.  First the storm was moving in from the south. Then suddenly the winds changed and it began to blow from the north and got cold.


Rain and Shine.  It rained about 15 minutes, very hard, and then suddenly stopped.  We are constantly surprised by our weather here.  I imagine this is because we come from Southern California where we had very little change in the day to day meteorological happenings.


Bring it!

You just can’t believe your eyes, and yet, every day brings more beauty.  I am fascinated with the cloud formation and color in this silhouette.

So how about that? Go on; say something!

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