Can Spring be so far off?

The days warm to mid sixties and low seventies.  I see the buds swelling on my berries and roses.  The bulbs are awakening and pushing up everywhere in the lawns, along fencelines and around the house too!   And the grass, though patchy, is slowly greening and this makes the Geese happy!

“GREENS!”  They honk and proceed to push over the little green poultry fencing I had up to keep them in all winter.  Bob shouts to me ” Hey!   Your geese are out!”  I round them up, put them back into the north quarter, and repair the fence line.

But what is this?  What is Polly doing out there by the straw bales?

Picking up straw…

billful by billful…

and slowly she’s starting a pile.

A nest?

I hope!

6 thoughts on “Can Spring be so far off?

    • pixilated2 says:

      I agree! And the best part is that they all get to stay outside with their Moms… Won’t have to launder EIGHT PLUS DIRTY TOWELS EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH!!! GAACK!

      (Awww, but it was worth every stinky moment of it all 🙂 )

    • pixilated2 says:

      I agree! Although we may still get a few freezing lows through next month our high for today will be 70, and it is already 64 outside.

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