Look! It’s a scam.

My husband was on a Sun Chip jag last fall.  He was also irritated at how noisy the new “Compostable” bag was.

He didn’t believe it would work and said:  “Just throw it away, it’s a scam,”

Well, I am big on composting and I’ll do anything I can to keep as much as possible of the landfill.  I currently put all kitchen waste, smallish cotton scraps and thread from my sewing projects, any paper that comes into the house or via the mail so long as it is not shiny and/or brightly colored.  So when I saw the bag I thought OK I will try it!

Imagine my surprise today when digging out well-rotted compost for my new garden patch to discover this at the bottom of the heap!

The brag on the bag?  “Louder because it’s compostable.”

The bag also points out that it should be fully composted by week 13…

However …

My lovely assistant Polly would like to point out…

That the date on the bag is October 19 of 2010!  That’s 8 months, or roughly 32 weeks – give or take.

I think that makes it official.

As a biodegradable product it is  a “FAIL”

7 thoughts on “Look! It’s a scam.

  1. Lindy says:

    Hi Lynda, if these scams weren’t so sad they would be hilarious. Thanks for the experiment. I bought some organic sugar yesterday in a bag labeled “recyclable” . We shall see!

  2. missusk76 says:

    Good to know! You really aught to get this out there to expose the company – make them try harder. People think grocery bags are biodegradable. I’m thinking 100 years or so? What defines the term anyway?

    • pixilated2 says:

      You know I mentioned this post to Bob and he said that he hasn’t seen the bags on the shelf for awhile now… guess they already figured it out? Dunno… 😀

      As for the grocery bags, well I wonder as well. I see them stuck in trees and hedges all the time and they just persist… forever it seems! Much better to recycle them at a collection point so they can be made into something else!

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