Last week on the Farmlet

I finished this and it is ready for quilting.

I am so glad about how it finally came together.  And yes, I did fix that one block.  I couldn’t stand it and it was easy to do…  😉

My dog did a bad thing in the mudroom…

NOODLE,  what have you done!?  Doesn’t he look the next thing to a Chuckle-head?

So what was so irresistible in the waste basket?  You might think it was the empty dog food bag, but no, it was his demolished  blue ball!  He’d chewed a hole in it and it was looking particularly nasty inside so I buried it in the bottom of the wastebasket.  I thought the dog food bag would be a good coverup.  Guess not.

Won’t make that mistake again


28 thoughts on “Last week on the Farmlet

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Tom! He is Bob’s dog and I have days of ambivalence where he is concerned too. But on the good days he makes me laugh so hard it makes up for his lack of class. 🙃

  1. katechiconi says:

    We must forgive Noodle, he knows not what he does. But the quilt has turned out beautifully and the block you fixed has made you happy, so all is well. It’s a fun design 🙂

  2. tialys says:

    I like your no nonsense title and I really like the quilt top.
    I did laugh at your dog’s expression 🐕. One of my dogs would have done the same thing – he is obsessed with ball games and no amount of camouflage would have kept a treasured ball from him.

      • tialys says:

        Who knows what he is – the refuges always say these rescue dogs are part collie if they’re black with a bit of white, or german shepherd crosses if they’re black and tan but I really don’t know. He does love a ball game though and will sit with one in his mouth staring at you – sometimes for an hour or more – until you play with him. I rue the day I ever introduced him to a tennis ball.

  3. Fran McKean says:

    I was tired of getting Sammie’s ball-also blue- out from under furniture so I slipped it away to the top of a chest in the bedroom. Couple days later I heard him crying and whining terribly at the chest. He had to smell it, no other way he could know it was there. PS congrats on the quilt!!

    • Lynda says:

      Fran, how do they do that? Doesn’t matter where I hide one of his favorite toys, he always knows! Drawer, closet, spare room, TRASH! Speaking of trash, he once jumped up on the kitchen trash and hit the spring release to get at something I tossed in there, and WOW! Just like that he learned he could get whatever interested him inside. We now have a lid that slides open like roll top desk. So far his trash inclinations have been foiled!

      And thank you! I am so glad it is done!

  4. shoreacres says:

    I’m convinced there’s no human that can outsmart a really determined dog or cat that has a project in mind — and yours clearly was going to get his ball back. I had to laugh — the story reminded me of my mom and dad constantly fussing at one another about things Mom thought should be tossed, even though Dad regarded them as treasure.

    The quilt looks great! I really do like that design — it’s one to be proud of.

    • Lynda says:

      Linda, true enough, Tucker was, and Noodle is scary smart. On things that should go… I have been purging many items… Bob’s not so much. But, he now has his own room (my old studio) to store it all in, and when he is ready he can decide where it all ends up. Mostly old computer stuff, outdated, lots of it. But, “it’s still good stuff.” 😉

      Thank you, Linda. Next project features wild Kaffe Fassett and lots of curved seams. Another quilt another challenge!

    • Lynda says:

      Thank you, Deb, and yes, Hurray!
      Who could resist? Buddy. He can resist. “Hey, Buddy, want to play fetch?” I throw it, he fetches it, game over, ball is his he takes it back inside to his cot. But just as well, because the Noodle would never let him play for long anyway. 😄

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