Last week on the Farmlet

I finished this and it is ready for quilting.

I am so glad about how it finally came together.  And yes, I did fix that one block.  I couldn’t stand it and it was easy to do…  😉

My dog did a bad thing in the mudroom…

NOODLE,  what have you done!?  Doesn’t he look the next thing to a Chuckle-head?

So what was so irresistible in the waste basket?  You might think it was the empty dog food bag, but no, it was his demolished  blue ball!  He’d chewed a hole in it and it was looking particularly nasty inside so I buried it in the bottom of the wastebasket.  I thought the dog food bag would be a good coverup.  Guess not.

Won’t make that mistake again


The leaf monster

Buddy the big dog has never liked being outside by himself.
Now, he’s suddenly decided that being outside is


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Budeeeeeeeee,  Bad dog!

I brush him down and he always tells me,


“I’m sorry.”

“Silly old dog”, I say as I ruffle his ears, “Let’s go in now.”


Photo Friday: Dining Room Edition

I see this every day in my dining room.

Doggy Pinball!

Doggie-PinballNoodle has quite the collection of balls and toys to choose from.

His favorite is the red one, but he collects all of them here under the dining table.

Insatiable, always entertaining, it’s the Noodle!

Noodle-Wear~Today he is sporting his new winter wear I made for him yesterday~


An Easter Surprise!

Bob’s sister Kathee and her husband John have started a tradition of sending us See’s Chocolates, from California.  It is a much appreciated and anticipated event at Easter time!

This year we opened the box to find that it had apparently been too closely guarded by a fire-breathing dragon!  It was melted, bubbled, and then re-cooled into a congealed and unappetizing mass.  (Don’t worry Kathee and John!  I called and See’s replaced it with BRAND NEW and sent it OVERNIGHT to us!!!)

😀 😀 😀

So, I picked through the carnage of the first order and placed the least damaged on the dining room table.  Hey, we don’t waste minimally damaged See’s candy in this house!  It is simply too delicious!

Later that evening we were preparing for bed and I realized something was amiss…


“Hey!  What happened to those two chocolate eggs and the bag of jelly beans?”




Yes, he got sick!

Bloated, bad gas, and threw up.


Did he learn his lesson?

Unfortunately, NO.


He has done it before and will likely do it again, but in my own defense, I honestly did not expect the little circus dog to get up onto the dining room table.  Next time?