It’s All About YOU: odd food combinations challenge

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Al Dente:  weird food cravings

Today in a comment conversation with my friend Claire about Tomato sandwiches we compared a few notes on, shall we say, unusual food pairings.   Suddenly I realized that many of us have grown up eating interesting and unusual foods, and food combinations.  Some of which might have made a friend or work partner wrinkle their nose now and again.  What is yours?

My father’s favorite was a breakfast stack containing pancakes, bacon, eggs sunny-side-up, and all dripping with maple syrup. Which reminds me of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird when she protests loudly on seeing her little supper guest pour syrup over his whole meal.

Although it wasn’t her favorite… my grandmother was heard to say that as a younger woman she actually sampled fried grasshoppers once.  She claimed that, “They weren’t that bad.”

So here are a couple of mine…

One recent:  Toasted bread with apple butter and sharp cheddar cheese.

And, one from high school  :  French Fries dipped in a chocolate shake.   

I have since heard a few others say that they have tried this one.


So OK, out with it!

What is your closet food pairing/combination?

I think this will be fun, so don’t be shy.  Who knows?  You may have a few friends out there who do the same thing…

You never know!