Photo Friday: the world according to my little dog

Here on the Farmlet there are a few words and phrases that are never said out loud unless we really mean it.

In order of importance to the Little Dog they are:

  1. Ball”  (ALWAYS spelled when we are talking to each other.)
  2. Kong” (Same as above)
  3. Who want’s breakfast/dinner?”  (abbreviated, when we are wondering if the other has already fed them their “B” or “D”)
  4. Is daddy home yet?”
  5. Clean-up on isle nine!”  (This one is handy whenever you have spilled something on the kitchen floor, or when it is time to go to bed and they are frolicking and barking with total abandon in the dark …  and yes, we do reward for an appropriate response at bedtime!)

This morning However . . .

Not even the number one word could get a rise out of the Little Dog!



When the north wind blows,

and a chill is in the air,

sometimes all that is needed

is a soft bed…

and a warm nose.


Stay warm, and enjoy your weekend my friends!