First day

OK, were done with that one and it’s on to this year, 2012, and what a start!

Teacup version:

  • Polly ate something she shouldn’t have and she’s sick.
  • It is 57  and sunny for the moment, will reach 61 for a high with rain again later.   It was already raining like heck this morning when I went out to do my rounds.  Oh yes, and the (scary) wind turned my umbrella over when I set it down to water the chickens, and promptly filled it with water. Tonight will be 20 degrees and colder still tomorrow.  Well really we are just being plunged into the deep freeze for the whole week.
  • Took advantage of the sunshine and mucked out the chicken house before the rain leaks under and tonight’s freeze makes that job impossible.  (I’m brilliant that way sometimes.)
  • Read everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. . .

Which brings me to mine.  I’m not going there.  I just have to agree with DJ Lutz at Almost Out of Ink, when he penned this as his one and only resolution,

“I will simply resolve to try to be a better person each day. And if I can do something to make the world a better place, either through my writing or (gasp) by personal interaction, all the better.”

As regards myself, I will only add this to his statement,

I need to get my spiritual life back on track. 

NO, not to worry.  It’s not that I have given up my faith, nothing of the sort!  I’ve just been lazy about it, and that bothers me.

Something  I will do this year that is not really a resolution because I will do them regardless are:

  • Get my ETSY store up and running.  Now that all the home repairs are completed and I have a studio to work in.  * This makes me happy!
  • Continue my research for my book.

Why make it hard?  Why set myself up for failure?  This is simply the easiest and wisest choice.

*NOTE:  It is said that if you want to love your work, then work at something you love.  Now I won’t go into a whole treatise on the subject as this fellow already did that job HERE,  and its translatable into fourteen languages.  Why would I try to reinvent the wheel?   What I will say is this:   I love being a sewist/quilter/writer.  Better, it seems to come easily to me.   I could use more practice in design to get a handle on mixing patterns but that will come with practical experience and maybe a class or two.  The book could take longer.

Happy New Year Everyone!



10 thoughts on “First day

  1. ceciliag says:

    Good resolutions, Is your book going to be about quilting? I sew myself farm skirts every year but that is a far as i go .. this year i am going to sew some tops as well, it doesn’t matter if they are wonky on the farm, I just don’t want to scare the mail man.. c

    • pixilated2 says:

      Thank you Cecilia, No the book is not about quilting, although there may be a bit part for a quilt in the story. 😉 As for sewing for myself, well, I think I need to do a little maintenance and sewing for myself too. If I don’t, I may embarrass myself in front of the mailman! For propriety I suppose I do need a few new items. ~ L

  2. Ginger says:

    Great resolutions! I am so excited for your Etsy shop to open!! Have a wonderful New Year Lynda, I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    ps I hope Polly feels better soon!

  3. Ginger says:

    pps I liked your page, but Isaac was logged in.. haha I’ll have to log him out and log myself in. Funny… he’s not allowed on the computer this week, I suppose that’s what he gets!

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