About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do


If you are a WordPress user on a PC desk format and are not happy with the changes to the format for communication, stats and “BEEP BeeP BooP” publishing page, then let’s do something about it! If you like and agree with what you see, then please reblog this post to your site too.   Because unlike in the past, it is clear that Matt Mullenweg and the WP *Helper Monkeys are not listening to us in the forums.


*Helper Monkeys:  Their term not mine.



Freed From Time

For Help with the changes please click here .  This content is Underlying Motive, The Problem, Probable Cause, How We Can Make a Difference and Remaining Questions.

Underlying Motive

Matt Mullenweg, owner and recently appointed CEO of WordPress, has himself indicated a wish to pursue the mobile market which is made clear in and interview with Forbes click here.   However that interview does not indicate any intention to abandon desk top users.

Add to this, Tiger Global now have at a total of $110 million invested in WP here.  Tiger Global also have investments in the expanding Indian and South American mobile and e-commerce markets.

This is altogether an entirely legitimate business pursuit but it’s gone wrong.

The Problem

The mobile versions of the user interface have been so inept as to spoil its credibility from the outset and at the same time alienate desktop users.  Complaints…

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7 thoughts on “About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do

  1. Lynda says:

    I will be posting another article tomorrow early that outlines and lists links we can use to get to the old formats quickly and easily. If we all use the old format, then perhaps WordPress will get a hint.

  2. shoreacres says:

    There are two things to remember:
    1. WordPress.com is the beta testing site for WordPress.org
    2. On the internet, if you get it free, you’re the product.

    I’ve been as frustrated as anyone with some of the changes of late, but I’ve managed to continue to do what I want to do by:
    (1) streamlining my theme as much as possible to make it acceptable to mobile users;
    (2) learning enough html to adjust font colors and such on my own,and (3) outsourcing as much as I can, like photo hosting and statistics, so I don’t have to rely on WP.

    It’s always something with WP, but when I do the cost benefit analysis, my frustration is a small price to pay for not having to learn how to set up and maintain my own website. I want to spend any time I have writing, or reading, or drinking a nice white wine on the patio, not trying to change what never, ever will be changed by WP users. The gurus at WP are doing their own cost/benefit analyses, and I can guarantee you our frustrations or preferences don’t matter a whit in the grand scheme of things.

    And that’s what I have to say about that!

    (Well, except for this. Don’t discount the one place you really can make your voice heard. You know that little pop up window in your dashboard that asks, “How can we help?” When they first took away the editing link from the dropdown menu, I got one of those pop ups, and I answered right back: you can help me by putting the “edit” link back in the dropdown menu.” I had quite a long and reasoned discussion with the person at the other end, pointing out, among other things, the great irony of WP promoting longform writing, but taking away one of the most important tools such writers use.

    The best part is, they keep a copy of those chats, and email one to you after. Obviously, they keep a copy for themselves, so if a point or suggestion is well made, it may get handed around the conference room. Can’t hurt.

  3. Littlesundog says:

    I am not sure what all of this is about. I have never been real savvy when it comes to all of the whistles and bells nor the techy side of WP. I just want to write. When something new comes up I try to conform. If it all gets to be too much and not easy for me to do, I’ll just end it. I want life to be simple… so far I’ve managed to get posts out there without a lot of fuss, and I haven’t noticed a lot of changes. I do not like the way the WP app works on my iPhone and iPad. I only use my desktop to reply to comments. The app needs some improvement.

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